Keçiören Municipality

Keçiören Municipality

Why Keçiören?

If one asks what it is that makes Keçiören so special among other places in Ankara, three things come to mind: the blended Turkish ethnic diversity here which results in people being unusually warm, our green spaces and the interesting things to see and do. One may find people from all Turkey’s cultural and ethnic backgrounds in Keçiören due to rural – urban migration of Turkish people from all regions, which makes this municipality a very rich and diverse culture; it is almost an exact replica of Turkey at large. This variety of coexisting differences, as well as the general hospitality of Turkish people, is the main reason for harmonious and friendly ambience in Keçiören. No matter where our guests come from, we will accommodate them as if they were our family and make them feel at home. Even though Keçiören is a part of the capital city of Ankara, the warmth of our people makes it feel like a small town home coming. A beautifully preserved environment with natural settings, eye catching as you enter the city, is yet another reason to visit Keçiören. Ankara, being both a diplomatic city and hub of employment, has a more noticeable formal presentation. Therefore, Keçiören with its green spaces, beautiful surrounding villages and fresh air, suggests a retreat from the big city. Apart from the natural wealth, Keçiören has much to offer with its touristic places as well. “Estergon” Castle with an ethnographic museum, a sky lift that extends over the city, aqua parks, a zoo, sports complexes, waterfalls, parks and recreation areas, shopping malls, and many other engaging places make Keçiören attractive to tourists. On the front of the municipality building is the saying, “The best of people are those who are helpful to others”. In this city we are guided by this thought in all we do for both our residents and our guests. Turn the pages here! We hope to open the doors to all that Keçiören is comprised of and persuade you, our dear guests and partners, to establish permanent relations with our municipality.

The Keçiören Municipality’s
Foreign Relations

Ankara, the capital city of the Republic of Turkey, is a progressive city which has a vibrant social and cultural environment. Situated about 13 km from the city center, Keçiören is the largest municipal constituency in Ankara with approximately one million residents. Within our municipality offices, a foreign relations department exists which is unique in Turkish municipalities. Extending a warm hand of friendship, our goal is to build mutual interest and understanding between cultures. Several international delegations pass through our door on a yearly basis with whom we share information, a good meal and laughter with the strong hope that we will be able to work together in the future.

Our trademark event is the annual Ramadan Festival. Each year we designate a parcel of land to build a replica of a small village. Each “home” represents a Turkish city and an international country that will come visit us and present its culture for the evening festivities in music, food, talks and dance. We have Muslim and non-Muslim friends from all over the world coming together and visiting long to eat, talk and learn of each other’s cultures. Through an alliance with other cities, we hope to achieve mutually rewarding relationships which will support and encourage work on issues in the fields of economy,
trade, science and technology, arts and culture, environmental protection, tourism, education and exchanges, health, construction and general municipal support.
Following is a list of our current sister cities:

Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
Ufa, the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia
Sumgait, Azerbaijan
Goražde, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Župa, Macedonia
Mamuša, Kosovo
Mehmetcik, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Jabalia Nazlah, Palestine
Güzelyurt, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Keçiören earned the title of one of the most developed areas in Turkey. With its focus on people, its wider roads, regulated settlement, convenient public transportation, and electrical, water and waste networks, Keçiören takes pride in being an exemplary municipal district within the country of Turkey. Consequently, we are looking for partners with whom we can exchange ideas, experiences and expertise as well as projects.

Mister Mayor,

The Urban County of Fairfax, Virginia is pleased and honored to enter into a Sister Jurisdiction partnership with the City of Keçiören….This trip has helped me to personally experience the warmth and friendship of the Turkish community and see firsthand your rich history. This partnership will also allow both of us to share information, practices and approaches to solving our shared local government challenges – in the areas of education, public works, energy efficiency, human services, transportation and economic development.Most of all, the personal friendships and relationships that will result from this partnership will prove valuable in ways we can’t predict. [...]

Sharon Bulova
Chairman of the Board of Supervisors
Fairfax County, Virginia, USA